Please join us for a "A Better Vision" as we remain committed to providing you with the collaboration solution tools that you need to grow your business. That is our promise to you!


We start each day here at the ICMP Group by asking ourselves some of the following questions:

How can we bring our experience to customers?

How can we help them understand the latest technology?

The cost of inaction is becoming staggering and it is crippling businesses before they realize it is an issue. Solutions to solve today's complex business problems and new technological offerings that reduce costs and help companies Return-To-Growth in 2013 are the priorities here in ICMP Group.

Does your company infrastructure need help with any of the following:

        1) Social Media
        2) Mobility "Smart Phones, Tablets"
        3) Collaboration in the Cloud

These are just three critical shifts that are occurring in the world today. If you have not been introduced to any of them then you are already behind.

        Please do not underestimate the effect of this paradigm.  Would learning about these changing shifts and the impacts they will have on your business interest you? ICMP Group has over 25 years of experience in social collaboration and business development.

      Take a minute to ask yourself the following question:

"How much more time am I going to spend on learning new technologies instead of hiring the experts so I can get back to the foundation of growing the business"

We can help you transform your business for the future and implement a cost improvement you will realize immediately.